Build Your PC Gaming on A Budget: Here’s How

It has recently been challenging to build a budget-friendly pc gaming system due to the high cost of materials such as semi-conductors due to their scarcity. However, other items are now widely available, and you can quickly build your dream gaming computer without breaking the bank.


So, before another pc supply shortage, we will teach you how to build a more affordable but dependable station in your home without ripping your pockets from our great finds.



1. Build Your GPU


Gamers love the Core i5 12400F because it is the most affordable model with the same functionality as the more expensive model.


You can get this chip for slightly less at checkout, and since I am recommending a discrete GPU, you do not need the onboard graphics anyway. That is a wise investment.


It is also an intelligent chip and very dependable to use, especially if you choose to play heavy computer games. You can make a standout feature by doing pc case customization on your tower to complement the great vibes of your CPU. 


Nobody can tell you have the less expensive version because of how your casing will look like.


2. Purchase A Dependable Graphic Card


The RTX 3050 is the most affordable graphics card for your machine and is ideal for 1080p gaming. When compared to other types, it is significantly less expensive.



It has a much faster mechanism than an RX 6500 XT but not as much performance as an RTX 2060. The disadvantage of this type of item is that it is not always available in the marketplace, so you must seek it out to build a better yet less expensive gaming system.


3. Level Up Your Memory


When building a gaming PC, we choose a storage device that can hold games as possible but at the most affordable cost and something that fits your budget. I strongly advise purchasing the Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4-3200.



It is not the fastest RAM available by any means, and it lacks the flair of RGB RAM kits, but it is practical and sensible, which is what we need for this build.


4. Invest in Big Storage


You cannot have a PC without a depository, and you will need space for your operating system and any games you want to keep on hand. Fortunately, a low-cost SSD is available for you, such as the WD Black SN770 500GB.


This driver is not the best or most expensive, but it is adequate for the price and storage capacity. This item might not be the most suitable, but it will do for your gaming computer. 


If you want to upgrade, the ASRock B660M motherboard has room for SSDs, at least one of which is PCIe 4.0.


5. Case


Cases can be impressionistic, and while you could easily spend more than this, it is still a hard job to find a great, inexpensive one. We want to go for the best, but our budget must cooperate. So, if you know someone who does pc case customization, you should ask for a discount.


If you want a ready-made one, the Corsair Carbide Series 100R might do the trick to make your tower look stunning and game ready.


6. Get A Reliable PSU


We need to upgrade to a larger power supply for a better playing scenario. So getting the EVGA GA 550W 80+ Gold is also a good investment.


Even if you are not sticking to the top brands when building your gaming pc, this modular unit from EVGA has more than enough juice for your needs. You can still upgrade anytime, but this will suffice for now.


In A Nutshell


Building your computer on a tight budget may be demanding but possible. Our article will tell you about the brands that are good alternatives to the top ones, but with more reliable service and a lower price.


As a result, building your gaming device may be a wise investment for you.

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