HONOR 90: A Combination of Design and Utility

HONOR 90 shows one perfect design of the HONOR series, and then this article will comprehensively present the advantages and features of HONOR 90, and give purchase recommendations based on comprehensive analysis, to help readers better understand HONOR 90 and make informed decisions among the many options. Next, let's delve deeper into HONOR 90 and explore its advantages. In this blog post, we will discuss the double advantages of the HONOR 90.


The Double Advantage of the HONOR 90


Exterior Design and Material Selection

The HONOR 90 focuses on simplicity, fashion, and the perfect presentation of details in its exterior design. It uses a new design language, the use of thin body, and fine craftsmanship, showing a high quality of texture. The HONOR 90 has an arc design that makes the body feel more comfortable. At the same time, the metal middle frame and glass back cover materials further increase the high-end sense and texture of the phone. A total of Diamond Silver, Peacock Blue, Midnight Black, and Emerald Green four color matching, to meet the needs of different people.


How Well the Design Fits in with Market Trends

HONOR 90's design follows market trends, combining fashion with practicality. It uses a full-screen design and hides the front-facing camera under the screen, achieving a higher screen ratio and a purer visual effect. In addition, the HONOR 90 also uses an extremely narrow bezel design, which further enhances the visual shock of the phone.


Screen Design

The HONOR 90 features a 6.7-inch Curved AMOLED Screen with a 19.98:9 ratio and a resolution of 2664x1200px. The screen supports a 120Hz refresh rate for a smooth visual experience. At the same time, the screen has 1.07 billion colors, a DCI-P3 wide color gamut, and up to 1600nits peak brightness, the display effect is amazing. In addition, the addition of 3840Hz UHF PWM dimming technology effectively reduces the impact of screen flicker on the eyes, so that users are more comfortable during use.


User Experience and Impression

The exterior design of HONOR 90 brings an excellent experience and deep impression to users. First of all, its stylish and simple appearance design meets modern people's requirements for the appearance of mobile phones, and users feel comfortable and happy during use. Secondly, the exquisite manufacturing process and high-quality material selection further enhance the user's feel and touch when using the mobile phone. Finally, the design of the HONOR 90 is in line with the market trend, so that users can stand out from many mobile phones and show their personal fashion taste.


Hardware Configuration

The HONOR 90 is equipped with a powerful processor, and the official data provided by the supplier shows that its performance has been significantly improved. At the same time, the HONOR 90 is equipped with a large capacity of memory and storage space, giving users plenty of resources to handle multi-tasks and store files and applications.


Multitasking, Performance of the Game Running

The HONOR 90 is excellent at multitasking. When multitasking, its powerful processor and large memory can keep applications running smoothly, while quickly switching and opening multiple applications, bringing users an efficient work-and-play experience. In terms of gaming, the processor and graphics performance of the HONOR 90 can meet the needs of most popular games, and users can smoothly run various games and enjoy the visual and auditory experience brought by games.



In terms of exterior design, the HONOR 90 excels in detail treatment, material selection, and the appearance's fit with market trends. This makes the HONOR 90 a very attractive flagship phone on the outside. Through hardware configuration and performance analysis, we can see that HONOR 90 has excellent configuration in processor, memory, storage, and other aspects, which can meet the needs of users for high-performance mobile phones.

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